Thursday, July 5, 2018


IN other words If you got it, you got it and for a decade UNHEARDOF has been the #1 premier skate-shoppe in the tri-state area; recently UNHEARDOF had an 10th year anniversary. As the champagne flowed in the chilled environment, looking at the shoes on the wall; persistence drove this dream from skate parks to a mortar located on 4th St., The icing on the cake for the gathering was modern-day artist James Marshall (Dalek) whom painted a Mural that stand as a flag, which cloaks the stores' as a drape. "Despite what you may heard"is the motto so you only live once so SKATEORDIE

15 W. 4th St. Cincinnati, OH 45202
M-Sat. 11-7 | sun. 12 -5