Saturday, October 3, 2020



Timothy Darell Thorpe aka Mr.Goodbars was born and raised in Durham NC. Brought up on 90s Southern and Mid West Hip Hop he brings an old but new soul to his music. Goodbars has decided to dedicate his heart and mind to music. He is co-owner of Crew-Industries, runs the street team Break Bread Entertainment (BBE), and plays keyboard for the metal band Sepsiss based out of Manchester. Goodbars has also dipped his hands into producing and playing the fiddle. Every beat Goodbars raps to is self-created and mastered by him. Goodbars could be found performing and freestyling all over New England. For any more info regarding booking, collaborations, and beats

Performing Rights Society: BMI (USA)
Label Affiliation: Unsigned



LordRifa...a Multicultural, multigenerational creative experience living in an age of musical conformity. LordRifa draws from its diverse roots to create a blend of many genre's that are called "New Americana".The New Americana genre is the only true music space that represents what America is actually today. Multicultural, Multiracial, Multigenerational, and free of gender restrictions. We are writers and performers of music for film, dance, and revolutions! Our music has roots in blues, funk, world music, progressive, hip hop, classical, and rock. It is about social justice as much as it is about love. Our music is about protest and awareness as much as it is about nasty funky beats. It is contagiously danceable!


​Performing Rights Society: BMI (USA)
Label Affiliation: Unsigned

Friday, October 2, 2020



D. Anthem is a New York City, born and raised artist that has extensive travel history hence is why his musical sound is so eclectic. He has an affinity & appreciation for good music of all genres. He is known for a hybrid sound with a witty delivery.

Performing Rights Society: None 
Label Affiliation:Unsigned