Thursday, September 26, 2019

GLORY BE TO GOD' thank you Yeezus

Fresh from the airport and he's back again Jay Z gave his only begotten producer to this world and his name is KanYe. Like the phoenix that rises from the ashes to symbolize resurrection in his case this man has been on fire since his intro. Jesus Walks was just the foundation of the temple that Ye was resurrecting "Im Walt Disney I'm Picasso I Am everything a rant that he basks proudly not exactly word for word just his omniscience solidifies his execution on every track. 

  1.   I WANT THAT OLD THING "I say Fuck the police that how i treat em/we bought our way outta jail but we can't buy freedom" recited in All Falls Down Kanye was reaching ahead of his time not the best lyrical assassin although the bar this the "fucking anthem" get it the "fucking anthem" on Marvin & Chardonnay was the most amazing line i heard him spit in 2011, In amazement Ye released Cruel Summer and the Old Kanye West as many refer to him as stuck his head out the foxhole to show that he hadn't abandoned us just had a lot going on 

  •   FALL FROM GRACE ??? Kanye West and Jay Z on bad terms, KanYe is marrying Kim K, KanYe was names his daughter "North" , in breaking NEWS KanYe West is being admitted to an Psych ward for mental evaluation to his rant which led everyone to believe that he lost his mind in this case maybe everybody didn't see KanYe has a work habit that's comparison to a Slave which many overlooked and failed to apply to his life in his humility setting the bar too high for himself as expectation aren't set their demanded. Everybody gets lost KanYe and Trump on the same team almost tanked the stock of KanYe but if you listen to his words SLAVERY WAS A CHOICE the proof is in the printed not to drive this article to a political platform KanYe freedom over choice has always been in his character, and always guns blazing for the integrity in his message the REVELATIONS of this disciple were mere snippets in his music 

  •   NEW DAY Kanye exhausted bible in his right hand and luv in his left as shown in the clip above is this the old KanYe West everybody has been fighting to see or are we just looking for something that we're use to because the new has a new taste or has he really been bitten by the Trump Bug of Bullshit is rap the new WWE again??? Sept 27th many are on the edge of their seat at their computer desk and some already have kanYe name dipped in bullshit and waiting on him to fall to complete the process thank you Yeezus