Friday, February 8, 2019

"HIP HOP IS A SAFARI" (don't feed the animals)

as stated by hip hop heavyweight 50 Cent during a recent interview about incarcerated rapper Tekashi 69 "from the beginning you can see he wasn't build for this lifestyle" added by 50, the adaptation of his words that sparked the interest in this narrative is that hip hop is a culture that's treated like a safari ride of course errybody wants to touch the lions and take pictures until the primitive nature of the jungle cat kicks in then errybody on the safari become a light snack from the intentions of curiosity. although the cat isn't being killed in this expression, I thought Hip Hop was about the freedom of expression, freedom of oneself to be original, the choice to be seen.
  • Nowadays errybody wanna talk about how they aren't getting paid or how their music is getting played but when open up ya lips but nothing is coming out but a bunch of gibberish and don't walk the talk they live!?! Hip Hop went from a Cultural epidemic to a has-been hashtag that's drying out slowly.
  • Art behind the culture the adaption of freedom is now replaced with lyrics that can easily be sited by preschoolers. sex continues to be glorified in order for records to be played which leaves no hope for the advancement in the future.
  • End Game?!? in the beginning this was a light; a torch the was suppose to beacon the opportunity of hope. Not a revolt, but a way to voice your opinion that didn't to contain a rebellious structure.
  • State Of Emergency close all exits and change the locks fire the current gate keepers and lash out at the recent contenders for their part in the destruction of a rose that grew from the concrete. WE DID THIS we cant bring back enough donkey roped chains or kangols no car no limousine  or concierge service can fill the void that we helplessly created. Hip Hop can ; comparable to Christianity or any faith around the world the different variations of science that garnishes hope and faith. Lets not pray, let's continue to move forward to benefit the future of Hip Hop cause without this there is no that,the this and that of yesteryear is just the bred of the tomorrow to come.